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poster Zapped
Brian Weaver, an online data marketing assistant (even he doesn't know what that is), finds himself abruptly transported to a parallel world, a place of bizarre creatures, magical forces and psychopathic fairies.
CréateurDan Gaster
CréateurWill Ing
CréateurPaul Powell
James Buckley
Brian WeaverJames Buckley
Kenneth Collard
Steg SteggsonKenneth Collard
Paul Kaye
HowellPaul Kaye
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Zapped saison 2 épisode bmqTHViCDW4Iw9M8IirN92QQlKD Épisode 6
It's the Super Solstice, Brian's last chance to get home. He just needs to break into the Protector's mysterious Henge while Howell performs the incantation to cross worlds.
Diffusion : 16 novembre 2017
Zapped saison 2 épisode 149lUSsriJdXOWKVXcvT33M7zsp Épisode 5
Desperate to reach the City of a Thousand Towers before the Super Solstice, Brian ingratiates himself with a group of travelling Players, in town to stage the annual Munty Play.
Diffusion : 09 novembre 2017
Zapped saison 2 épisode 7zf1Ey4HHXv4iEQeSWx0ijTdoio Épisode 4
It's Munty's famous Pear Fair and Brian and Steg get the easy job of guarding an albino pear tree. Barbara must take advantage of an opportunity to join the Seers' Guild. Howell must fix a card game.
Diffusion : 02 novembre 2017
Zapped saison 2 épisode jNCnfzxJ8QgOfuAWJYNQVBvVGb4 Épisode 3
Brian heads to a trendy, exclusive new bar near Munty docks. He proves a hit with the bar's cool clientele, but are they what they seem? Barbara bumps into an old school-friend who offers her a rare m...
Diffusion : 26 octobre 2017
Zapped saison 2 épisode 6qptofShVX3xDnm5Nm5uxG2GKcq Épisode 2
Keen to protect himself, Brian takes a magical crash course from Howell. Steg accidentally becomes a father, Barbara loses her only soothsaying client and the Fairies become obsessed with darts.
Diffusion : 19 octobre 2017
Zapped saison 2 épisode svr44pYLLh4kjkAdm8Yfddyf5GX Épisode 1
Trapped in a parallel universe, office worker Brian has been locked up and charged with starting the snail wars. Steg persuades him to opt for trial by combat against a terrifying warrior called Radno...
Diffusion : 12 octobre 2017

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