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Épisode intitulé : Épisode 12

Tara re-emerges but the task now is to repair broken family relationships, particularly with Marshall who is fed up with it all. Rather than go into a local mental health facility, she decides to follow Dr. Hatteras' advice and see a specialist in Boston. Neil and Charmaine are moving to Houston and offer to take Marshall with them. Kate receives an offer to move to St. Louis. As a new family dynamic emerges, everyone contemplates and wonders what the future may hold.
CréateurDiablo Cody
Toni Collette
Tara GregsonToni Collette
John Corbett
Max GregsonJohn Corbett
Keir Gilchrist
Marshall GregsonKeir Gilchrist
Brie Larson
Kate GregsonBrie Larson
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When Bryce takes over, Tara's new alter threatens to destroy the whole family. When Tara's other alters disappear one by one, Max decides to fight off Bryce before it's too late for Tara.
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