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The fifth season begins with Justin living in Hollywood indefinitely, causing Brian to turn his attention to a risky real estate investment, Babylon. His club-going lifestyle becomes an issue with Michael and Ben, who are considering a life in the suburbs. Melanie and Lindsay surprise everyone with the news of their split, and enter into an intense three-way battle with Michael over the custody of their daughter. And Ted fights aging with an extreme makeover.
CréateurDaniel Lipman
CréateurRon Cowen
Gale Harold
Brian KinneyGale Harold
Randy Harrison
Justin TaylorRandy Harrison
Hal Sparks
Michael NovotnyHal Sparks
Peter Paige
Emmett HoneycuttPeter Paige
Scott Lowell
Ted SchmidtScott Lowell
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Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode 79qstvlWJq8vkqYH4YMgqu0XSmu Épisode 13
Will Brian and Justin finally live happily ever after? Has Ted found the right guy, or does Mr. Right lie closer to home? How will Lindsay and Melanie say goodbye to all their friends before starting ...
Diffusion : 07 août 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode 9lX3JO6M4nSUkAXGTS9SDJQMWbQ Épisode 12
Brian and Justin celebrate with the biggest choice of their lives. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Melanie make the final decision about their future, while Emmett makes his decision about his relationship wit...
Diffusion : 31 juillet 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode iai80EFGF5605j90dZwjkbyLad8 Épisode 11
Brian re-evaulates his priorities in the aftermath of the bombing. Michael contiunes on the long and painful road to recovery with Ben at his side and a vigil for the victims ends in chaos.
Diffusion : 24 juillet 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode ncXWOEvNsOZnnWneFfpX0OcJ8oF Épisode 10
Cyndi Lauper guest stars as Babylon plays hosts to an event that will shatter many lives...especially Ben's.
Diffusion : 17 juillet 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode qEz3hbFOnQvNCahvt3XXWIqN7u9 Épisode 9
Brian and Michael are still not talking. Lindsey and Melanie's seperation contiunes. Ted continues his search to find Mr. Right and Drew Boyd finally comes out.
Diffusion : 10 juillet 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode rzRNLFrR2lHOPCUq2AhpAuRCCpY Épisode 8
Ben grieves the loss of Hunter. Melanie and Lindsey attempt an in-house seperation. Emmett finds himself the centre of some unwanted attention and Justin has a brush with the law...and his father.
Diffusion : 03 juillet 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode uQqSAMtOgXJAgqMnSjnJ3hXQ020 Épisode 7
Justin decides to leave the loft which creates a rift between Michael and Brian. Ted struggles to exact his plan of revenge while Lindsey and Gus move back to her parents.
Diffusion : 26 juin 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode fGBBhYyZNtj7Pepi4OdFxOAcsIr Épisode 6
Brian has a rival. Emmett faces a career challenge while Ted has the oppotunity to exact some revenge. Ben and Michael try to help Hunter and Debbie's retirement appears to be shortlived.
Diffusion : 19 juin 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode cK222Iq0erMhf1VKnFvL5NPBv2w Épisode 5
Brian has some news for Justin and ALL of his previous partners. Carl has a rival for Debbie's affections and Hunter makes a decision that will not only change his life, but Ben and Michael's as well.
Diffusion : 12 juin 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode dxphcHLqphG46YZdWMjqKyH88bz Épisode 4
Brian's beliefs regarding marriage haven't changed. Debbie has difficulty adjusting to retirement and Ted decides to make some drastic changes in his life.
Diffusion : 05 juin 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode yHBkRnT7w1JxoFnywb3bKiytN1V Épisode 3
Brian and Michael's relationship is showing signs of strain as Michael embraces his new life with Ben and their family. Debbie decides to retire from the diner and a newcomer takes over.
Diffusion : 29 mai 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode gQuGDJBQUTX7gfFELUY2yT3afp0 Épisode 2
Times are changing on Liberty Avenue. Justin returns and Brian re-opens Babylon. Michael makes a major decision regarding his daughter while Emmett gets a new job. Ted becomes the center of attention ...
Diffusion : 22 mai 2005
Queer as Folk (US) saison 5 épisode v6qYV346pU4LhMHesxYhNtUOAa6 Épisode 1
The Gang is back!! Michael plans a party that doesn't go quite as planned. Justin makes a decision that will effect his future with Brian and Brian makes a sound investment in a new business venture w...
Diffusion : 22 mai 2005

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