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Épisode intitulé : Épisode 8

Michael's son, Adam is a hostage of The Collective. Michael must save his son in a trade proposed by The Collective. Meanwhile, Haled is confronted by Michael on an offer to get rid of Graff, then leading Haled to become the head employee. Nikita & Michael do so, but this isn't good because Haled isn't alive anymore. This doesn't look too good for Michael. Two new candidates, Myra Mauk & Kelley are hoping for a spot at Section. Walter didn't have the best history with Myra, so he asks Jason Crawford to take her out of the running, he does so. More trades are offered later in the episode. Nikita is now running Section One, she lets Michael go to spend time with his son. Nikita says good-bye to Michael & continues are duties at Section One.
CréateurJoel Surnow
Roy Dupuis
MichaelRoy Dupuis
Matthew Ferguson
Seymour BirkoffMatthew Ferguson
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La Femme Nikita saison 5 épisode 3AbNYBs4FJqNRyBKt45JULedyLW Épisode 7
The situation is dire as The Collective, still led by Graff and Haled, is cleaning Section's clock. But, just in time, Michael asks Nikita to help him return to Section, where his re-emergence is view...
Diffusion : 25 février 2001
La Femme Nikita saison 5 épisode pCKTea70F8AO0XSjEHNf1TkYfiA Épisode 6
Nikita and Mr. Jones have The Collective's "mole" narrowed down to four suspects: Operations, Quinn, Walter and the late Marco O'Brien, but Mr. Jones has a fifth possibility that Michael Samuelle is s...
Diffusion : 18 février 2001
La Femme Nikita saison 5 épisode qsM7mjanZnVPKKz07RxRTvPag5U Épisode 5
Nikita finally comes face to face with her father, the real Mr. Jones, but rather than being an "emotional" reunion, Mr. Jones is all business, and immediately sets Nikita out on a new mission; findin...
Diffusion : 11 février 2001
La Femme Nikita saison 5 épisode 6RubvYDHjmoabCyYCGS5HLm7urY Épisode 4
After someone breaches Section and breaks into her room, Nikita is more determined than ever to find out the truth about why she was brought into Section. She arranges to get at Mr. Jones personally ...
Diffusion : 04 février 2001
La Femme Nikita saison 5 épisode sGe7ACUBmgrLlY7hgKdzMxF1F7T Épisode 3
After the explosion at the house of Nikita's father, Nikita enlists Walter, and then Jason Crawford, to decript its contents. The result; the location of the convelecence home where Michael took Adria...
Diffusion : 21 janvier 2001
La Femme Nikita saison 5 épisode AtbF3FDLXRcxnSZMvxeOfFsiKLB Épisode 2
Nikita finds clues about why she was recruited into Section. Is it possible her father was an operative, codenamed Flavius, and that she has a sibling with the initial "M" who is somewhere in the cove...
Diffusion : 14 janvier 2001
La Femme Nikita saison 5 épisode ajrXikvv6t1L2LKpKdOsSXUlnv1 Épisode 1
Nikita is sent back to Section One to destroy a new terrorist threat that only she can deal with which is a summit meeting of representatives from several terrorist groups. She is teamed up with a new...
Diffusion : 07 janvier 2001

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