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Épisode intitulé : Épisode 8

In the season finale, Jack discovers the alarming depth and scope of the organization to which he’s lost Amy. Marcus and Madison engage in a fatal struggle. Richard is forced on the run but recruits an unexpected partner along the way.
CréateurGlen Morgan
Sonya Salomaa
Allison O'DonnellSonya Salomaa
John Simm
Jack WhalenJohn Simm
James Frain
Richard ShepherdJames Frain
Millie Bobby Brown
Madison O'DonnellMillie Bobby Brown
Mira Sorvino
Amy WhelanMira Sorvino
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Intruders saison 1 épisode ubuTYv551UE9pkzZDQyrqSZqA5q Épisode 7
A gruesome discovery buried in Jack’s backyard incites him to make one last attempt to bring Amy home. Rose remains haunted by a tragedy from her distant past and abducts a lowly waiter whom she’s...
Diffusion : 04 octobre 2014
Intruders saison 1 épisode 5rdLREFvzpjzIV5ml7rBRdqtyI9 Épisode 6
Rose confronts Jack to explain the cause of Amy’s recent strange behavior. Amy’s past – one which she has worked so hard to suppress and deny – has come back to haunt her and the only way to ...
Diffusion : 27 septembre 2014
Intruders saison 1 épisode yqNBGhi0yMK7c6ei5HG3rITgyON Épisode 5
Madison’s instincts are gaining strength as she slowly starts to make sense of Marcus’ memories. Jack learns that Gary hasn’t been entirely truthful and forces a terrifying confession. Richard f...
Diffusion : 20 septembre 2014
Intruders saison 1 épisode jQZHNU6ZAYFwG7eoW1oo7kXKz8M Épisode 4
Gary learns something very strange about Amy, which suggests a larger, more terrifying conspiracy. Meanwhile, Madison arrives in Seattle and threatens an old acquaintance. Rose puts pressure on Richar...
Diffusion : 13 septembre 2014
Intruders saison 1 épisode rUpyCOLgWlaOCsn05T8xIHnSOBO Épisode 3
Jack returns home and discovers a distraught and distant Amy. Meanwhile, Madison becomes determined to get to Seattle, regardless of the cost, and evade Richard's vengeance.
Diffusion : 06 septembre 2014
Intruders saison 1 épisode 2dq5X7ADQVW6Y3M1a8MeS7qXIYw Épisode 2
Jack searches for Amy in Seattle, but her movements produce more questions than answers. Meanwhile, Madison finds herself in a train station with a ticket to Seattle, an envelope with money, and a mys...
Diffusion : 30 août 2014
Intruders saison 1 épisode 6tKo6hhlSkTgLG351Q3BjwpBZsy Épisode 1
The wife of a retired cop vanishes on her way to Seattle on business. As her husband searches for her, he is asked by a friend to help with a murder case. Meanwhile, a 9-year-old girl starts behaving ...
Diffusion : 23 août 2014

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