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Épisode intitulé : Episode 6

The finals are over and the results are in, but not everyone's happy. Will the housemates host the best grad ball of all time or will they have to flee Manchester in the night?
CréateurSam Bain
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Fresh Meat saison 4 épisode AgNAS48wQiQmCGkbWC1jBddG7NN Épisode 5
The finals are fast approaching and things are falling apart.Tickets for the alternative grad ball Vodstock are selling well, but Vod may be promising things she can't deliver.
Diffusion : 21 mars 2016
Fresh Meat saison 4 épisode kl2ctIYnapLzAu69gebW0Tdh3fl Épisode 4
Oregon's glittering future looks seriously under threat, and things aren't going well for Josie either. Howard is working on his CV, and Kingsley and Vod take over the grad ball.
Diffusion : 14 mars 2016
Fresh Meat saison 4 épisode l9IAkjzOalbRI12xEvBS2lztiPv Épisode 3
It's dissertation time, and while Vod is having a last-minute wobble about her abilities, Oregon has other 'presidency' things on her mind and Josie is having an identity crisis.
Diffusion : 07 mars 2016
Fresh Meat saison 4 épisode lkaJmD7RCwEDR1boA7o9XsIkq7c Épisode 2
Vod gets a job in a pub, and the others expect her to give them free drinks. Oregon creates a poetry prize in her own honour, and Kingsley discovers Rosa has an 18-year-old son.
Diffusion : 29 février 2016
Fresh Meat saison 4 épisode lroiyRYbI65JsYIOBSeRehHkG1g Épisode 1
The housemates are nearing the end of their university lives, but before they face some hard-core studying, JP plans one last big blowout.
Diffusion : 22 février 2016

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