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Fate stay night nous conte l'histoire de Shirô Emiya, un jeune homme capable d'analyser la structure des objets grâce à la magie. Enfant, Shirô fut témoin du dénouement tragique d'une guerre occulte opposant sept magiciens et leurs serviteurs et qui détruisit son quartier. Recueilli par un magicien, désormais décédé, Shirô est devenu un jeune homme solitaire doté de pouvoirs limités, capable de réparer les objets d'instinct et de lancer quelques sorts. Au cours d'une nuit tragique où il se retrouve à nouveau confronté à la guerre pour le saint Graal, Shirô invoque Saber, l'ultime serviteur, et devra affronter les six autres magiciens malgré ses limites.
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Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode r7Xd951xUMeIZw2qLHLargvz6SX Épisode 24
Shirou has found himself trapped in the same place Kirei Kotomine trapped Shirou's father. Surrounded by death Shirou must escape this place through will power alone, if he want's to end this Holy Gra...
Diffusion : 17 juin 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode 77RgXyHiCrbz0neYvimipB4W8NW Épisode 23
After the incident at the church, Saber and Shirou return home only to find Rin on the floor and badly injured. It turns out that Kirei Kotomine attacked her, while Shirou and Saber were occupied and ...
Diffusion : 10 juin 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode bDDkxdBulgOoES0jnC1Xpa0ROHa Épisode 22
Saber can't seem to get Shirou of her mind but that is short lived when she finds out from Rin that Ilya has a terrible fever and may not last long. Meanwhile Shirou is still missing, having not retur...
Diffusion : 03 juin 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode r57DYE0isSQepaN26r7Obteg3LX Épisode 21
With the appearance of the mysterious Archer-class Servant, Saber tells Shirou to escape while keeps him occupied. However Shirou, knowning that Saber couldn't defeat him before, foolishly tries to at...
Diffusion : 27 mai 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode uwkslIXKNikZr5jAfW6DCKkbHaq Épisode 20
Shirou takes Saber out on a date to try and convince her not to use the Grail and go back to her own time, but to stay in this time instead.
Diffusion : 20 mai 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode 9qlgzxArtdWeVE0xYj9kX9EX6jI Épisode 19
Saber's fight with Assassin and Shirou's fight with Souichirou reaches its climax. Souichirou shatters Shirou's blades again, sending him flying down to where Rin and Sakura are and it is upto Saber t...
Diffusion : 13 mai 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode a2hJ6Vw4UaJA3RdYUHvtPKkbn3B Épisode 18
Shirou, Saber and Rin are at the steps to the temple.Assassin appears, he lets Shirou and Rin go past and fights Saber. Shirou and Rin head past Assassin and past him they see Sakura, in rather odd cl...
Diffusion : 06 mai 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode zDQDB6MImYINbc2shyH5ZliFIvz Épisode 17
Shirou wakes up after having yet another dream of Saber's past and is clearly shaken up by what happened. That morning, during breakfast, Ilya is introduced by Rin as another person to be staying ther...
Diffusion : 29 avril 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode bwLQ1MH1zWuznXXQgx72LBAJlC2 Épisode 16
The battle is at the turning point, where Rin is about to be squashed by Beserker and Saber is unable to save her. As a last resort Saber decides to use her Noble Phantasm to defeat Beserker, no matte...
Diffusion : 22 avril 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode gqJVfLWUFIut5kacyl7758jFkys Épisode 15
Archer has been defeated by the unbeatable Beserker and now Shirou, Saber and Rin are trying their best to escape the same fate. They are able to find shelter to bide some time, because Shirou has to ...
Diffusion : 15 avril 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode 9Q8whEl3j9wIByoB59A2pNcmWxw Épisode 14
Rin, Saber and Archer just outside of Ilya's mansion. They see Ilya walk out so they soon head inside to rescue Shirou.Rin asks Archer to slow Berserker down by himself while the rest of them escape. ...
Diffusion : 08 avril 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode t8T6Dt4HKozTd68aKOWJtSLbnWa Épisode 13
Shirou falls asleep and sees a dream of a flashback of Saber's past. We see Saber in plain olden time cloths walking up to a sword in a stone.Saber wakes up and notices Shirou is gone. She talks to Ri...
Diffusion : 01 avril 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode 5vaU384MCGmD5rvcuiDDdogWVCe Épisode 12
Shirou is very worried about the well being of the students, staff, and of the school after yesterday's events, he's especially worried about Taiga who seems to be recovering well. Shirou is now deter...
Diffusion : 25 mars 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode joJkHTVnQHLEQ2nSiBZtPaOlq9H Épisode 11
After a mornings training session with Saber, Shirou is then straightaway dragged off by Rin for some more training of her own. While this is going on Shirou receives a phone call from Shinji, asking ...
Diffusion : 18 mars 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode u3Ndn3aGhiuOKSpvTRIEODPsZIv Épisode 10
Saber and Shirou practice for a bit, Saber completely dominating over Shirou and not training how some would think but just a straight out attack between the two of them where Shirou keeps getting hit...
Diffusion : 11 mars 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode gnNCX3iOdsK8KT4DE3CWUftdYWu Épisode 9
Saber is eager to go to the temple but Shiro has insisted that they won't be going because it seems too dangerous. Nonetheless, as soon as Shiro falls asleep, Saber heads off by herself to the temple,...
Diffusion : 04 mars 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode k8W65rId0TnSnQ9FdzL04KlNlum Épisode 8
Shinji says things like how he has no intention of fighting and he was just dragged into this war. He asks to make an alliance with Shirou to go after Rin but Shirou refuses. Shinji says because he do...
Diffusion : 25 février 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode 2LfpktQVkYeebZt0iuisBCCsJUL Épisode 7
Saber yelled at Shirou for not summoning her when he was in danger. Saber starts to go to school with Shirou. When Rin appears and says she will walk with Shirou to school, Saber allowing this after R...
Diffusion : 18 février 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode v5i6agmYFcVGACSeAPThkmbn54M Épisode 6
Rin giving Shirou the option of betraying Saber and stepping down as a master or she will break his arm and make it impossible to ever be used. Before Rin can do anything they hear a scream and Shirou...
Diffusion : 11 février 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode nEhGpWZfUsyr4rXZd4pdbwMeHIg Épisode 5
Shirou introduces Saber to Sakura and the one teacher saying she is a distant relative. The teacher tests Saber's skills to be able to defend Shirou rather pathetically, she allows her to stay at the ...
Diffusion : 04 février 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode zOUjSNJOcwJ80pxguBO3VJGiEoN Épisode 4
After the meeting with Kirei Kotomine Shirou and Rin leave the church only to run into another Master that goes by the name of, Illyasviel von Einzbern. Saber is forced to go into combat against an in...
Diffusion : 28 janvier 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode 3EPrDuIeaiEtA0rMKcBJUu5tao0 Épisode 3
Shirou is still lost and incredibly confused, after seeing an elegant warrior with the name Saber appear before him and choosing him as her Master. Shirou isn't even given a chance to get to grips of ...
Diffusion : 21 janvier 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode xeoH1Kr89Gku8gyoqjQ9WjnWlaN Épisode 2
Rin seems to have problem with the servant she has and the fact that she wasn't powerful enough to call forth a more powerful servant. Back at school, Shirou has been asked by Ayako to keep an eye on ...
Diffusion : 14 janvier 2006
Fate/stay night saison 1 épisode kxcgpq4eQ5rhe4W2VbkSTL0f7nE Épisode 1
Ten years ago in Fuyuki City, a young boy was caught in a massive inferno that incinerated his parents and consumed a large portion of the city; as he was dying, a man saves him. Now this boy, Shirou ...
Diffusion : 07 janvier 2006

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