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Épisode intitulé : Épisode 24

(Part 2 of 2) Five years have passed and everyone is reunited in Capeside for a special wedding. Dawson has been living in Los Angeles producing his autobiographical television series 'The Creek' but has never forgotten the love of his life, Joey is a successful book editor living in New York with her boyfriend but comes home to realize she still loves her childhood sweethearts, Pacey is the owner of the new Ice House and still carries a torch for Joey, Jen is a single mom living with Grams and managing an art gallery in Soho, and Jack is a teacher at Capeside High and has fallen in love with Deputy Doug. Together all the secrets come out as tragedy and love becomes clear.
James Van Der Beek
Dawson LeeryJames Van Der Beek
Katie Holmes
Joey PotterKatie Holmes
Joshua Jackson
Pacey WitterJoshua Jackson
Kerr Smith
Jack McPheeKerr Smith
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Dawson saison 6 épisode oOEzp8eek6QieMg3oXPZJ4531eZ Épisode 23
(Part 1 of 2) Five years have passed and everyone is reunited in Capeside for a special wedding. Dawson has been living in Los Angeles producing his autobiographical television series 'The Creek' but ...
Diffusion : 14 mai 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode rMF7SFr0OInn19wYxI5tZx66y6v Épisode 22
When Dawson gives up his dream of making his film, a strong-minded Joey rallies the old group back to Capeside to help Dawson begin production before pursuing her dream of traveling to Paris. Jen, Jac...
Diffusion : 07 mai 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode rEkbNQbifNWjw3qNaxBQMjznq7X Épisode 21
Joey returns to Capeside to find Dawson's script on her doorstep and is overwhelmed that he has written a story about three friends, but Dawson's movie-making dreams are shattered when Pacey comes cle...
Diffusion : 30 avril 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode iJRmrsyC2lEuCrJJtNQrFKQIy19 Épisode 20
Pacey learns he has lost Dawson's money in the stock market. Back at school, Eddie surprises Joey with a trip to Europe for the summer, but a fiery conversation about how differently they live their l...
Diffusion : 23 avril 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode 6soEI741FuY86m3lieu078886Ht Épisode 19
Joey and Eddie's emotional and sexual relationship is played out on stage during a counseling center benefit. At the same event, Jack and David deal with the insecurities in their relationship, a sobe...
Diffusion : 16 avril 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode vnQuoc4iTYSmLHHwnkrigYz0ZjS Épisode 18
Jen's seemingly happy world comes crashing down when she learns that Grams has breast cancer. Meanwhile, Joey's tumultuous love life continues when Eddie reveals his true reasons for returning to Bost...
Diffusion : 09 avril 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode eE7s3vp8KQ453JfVc09nMI87hxn Épisode 17
Joey agrees to be Pacey's temporary assistant but their mutual jealousy leads to disaster in the office. Dawson sells his idea for a coming-of-age movie, but when the studio wants to change it to a te...
Diffusion : 02 avril 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode uhGrfZ0SGOIWPtAwklh3NrzvN8y Épisode 16
Professor Heston orders Joey to baby-sit for Harley to make sure she does her homework. But Joey ends up serving as relationship counselor when she finds Harley's boyfriend, Patrick, hiding in the hou...
Diffusion : 26 mars 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode zAN69Sr8FQbZPYbZV7Dizvg6mXk Épisode 15
After agreeing to pose as Pacey's sister at a business party, Joey demands to be taken home. When Pacey makes a quick stop at a local K-Mart they are accidentally locked inside the store. They're forc...
Diffusion : 12 février 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode 9RbaLFJwHWcJ7ZpKSkPNhFRLJnu Épisode 14
In Los Angeles, Dawson visits Audrey at the rehab clinic where he spots a big time film producer, named Toni Stark, and follows her into a therapy session hoping to talk to the woman who will direct D...
Diffusion : 05 février 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode crHDJjRAq5cILTOn6YZRZ5CWBcc Épisode 13
In Los Angeles, while directing re-shoots on "Wicked Dead", Dawson finds his authority questioned by Heather Tracey and the other producers when Natasha refuses to do a nude scene. As a result, Dawson...
Diffusion : 29 janvier 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode 9MIukqcesY0xcXgUzxYCcWzgJlU Épisode 12
Joey follows Eddie to his family home where they face up to their true emotions and the obstacles they must overcome to be together. Back in Boston, Pacey is invited to an exclusive party where he rec...
Diffusion : 22 janvier 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode 4kbHTiMSoeVy007c1na6wOkHwm9 Épisode 11
Back in LA, Dawson is asked by the studio to direct re-shoots but is conflicted about being disloyal to his mentor. Meanwhile, Joey hasn't heard from Eddie since Christmas and finds his apartment empt...
Diffusion : 15 janvier 2003
Dawson saison 6 épisode htb8G97DyQZMMYTLOwdmVDgqF9v Épisode 10
Dawson and Gail invite everyone back to Capeside for Christmas, but Dawson confronts Natasha about her one-night stand; Joey's happiness with Eddie turns sour when her father expresses his disapproval...
Diffusion : 11 décembre 2002
Dawson saison 6 épisode qvYz9ParV9vYt1HdXzPqAU5VdJM Épisode 9
Natasha is drawn to a handsome new actor who arrives to the set. Meanwhile, Joey spends the night at Eddie's apartment but misses Professor Heston's final exam. Pacey invites Emma to his office party ...
Diffusion : 20 novembre 2002
Dawson saison 6 épisode dUg0KyfdfBJrPmhEA2eHfJQV5sg Épisode 8
Dawson comes through with No Doubt concert tickets, but he and Natasha's first public date ends in a brush with the law. Joey and Eddie have to sneak into the concert, while Pacey come to blows with C...
Diffusion : 13 novembre 2002
Dawson saison 6 épisode 4GmSko4Mgs0uanHu22dQ0EZEz8P Épisode 7
Audrey gets drunk before her band performs and worries her friends, especially CJ who suspects a deeper problem. Meanwhile, Eddie and Joey agree to go on a real date; Pacey hits it off with a beautifu...
Diffusion : 06 novembre 2002
Dawson saison 6 épisode fkNSFzAwabJrIMF9cuINOhQuTa3 Épisode 6
When Dawson assists Todd in throwing a blow-out Halloween party, Todd and Natasha have Dawson believing he is seeing the ghost of a legendary film actress. Jen becomes suspicious about C.J., and Joey ...
Diffusion : 30 octobre 2002
Dawson saison 6 épisode dADyvYg0KzA25J9YVv9LLx81g1W Épisode 5
Dawson's manages to 'get the girl' when a producer visits the "Wicked Dead" movie set to fire Natasha and close down production. Audrey is excited when asked to be the lead singer of Emma's band but i...
Diffusion : 23 octobre 2002
Dawson saison 6 épisode zUp4i1LXyNo87hwXB7XrvLq39aS Épisode 4
Dawson finds himself in an awkward situation when he is put between Joey and the intoxicated leading lady of his film. Audrey allows herself to be taken in by another man's charm.
Diffusion : 16 octobre 2002
Dawson saison 6 épisode 2pJDUtOQ0ZqrmtxUCOkWHPW9rB7 Épisode 3
Joey's worst nightmare comes true when she accidentally sends a very personal e-mail she wrote for Dawson to the entire student body. The next morning, Joey's e-mail is the topic of virtually all camp...
Diffusion : 09 octobre 2002
Dawson saison 6 épisode 6AiPQApOPMtwZ5TgmfqMffkehb5 Épisode 2
Dawson & Joey's reunion leads to an evening of truth and intimacy, which is ruined when Dawson receives a phone call from another woman. Pacey gets a job interview that could change his life. Sparks f...
Diffusion : 02 octobre 2002
Dawson saison 6 épisode 3muUj2ebjR3seaIYgF5N0JPOWqG Épisode 1
Dawson returns to Boston after working as an assistant director in Los Angeles over the summer and reunites with Joey who has spent a relatively angst-free summer in Capeside. Audrey and Pacey return ...
Diffusion : 02 octobre 2002

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